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In case of an application for an official EIPACC Certificate with European validation, upon validation we will send you:

An official EIPACC Certificate with your name (personalized, based on your form entries)

An official RDPP Certificate in case you also registered for the European Register of Data Protection Professionals (RDPP)

An official EIPACC Certificate for companies in case your EIPACC Certification is part of an Official EU Company Certification Program.


In case of any queries, please send an email to:

certificationconsultants@eipacc.eu for your queries about EIPACC Certificates or

rdpp@eipacc.eu for your queries about RDPP Certificates

Our entire EIPACC Consultants Team wish you the best of success in boosting your data protection career.

Warm regards,

Maria van der Vliet

EIPACC Certification Consultants