About the European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance & Certification (EIPACC)


EIPACC is an acknowledged independent private, niche boutique, quality assurance driven institute for data protection excellence based in the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands (European Union) where it is officially (CoC) registered.

EIPACC is a trusted liaison of many companies, businesses and organization which are actively engaged with reaching higher levels of data protection maturity inside and outside their own operations.

In collaboration with the European Data Protection Professionals (EUDPP) EIPACC is sponsor of a ‘professorship’ in the field of European data protection law in global perspectives.

Senior EIPACC consultants operate at the forefront of development of GDPR audits and GDPR certifications and are active participants in public (invited) events of the European Commission (EC) and the European Parliament in the field of privacy and data protection.

EIPACC represents an extended GDPR compliance client market-exposure of over € 24 Billion in market value (2020). EIPACC operations and services are based on clear core values and our EIPACC Code of Ethics (CoE).