EIPACC Code of Conduct and Ethics

EIPACC Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics (ECCoE)

EIPACC provides a state-of-the-art methodology to certify GDPR conformity of all sorts of data processing by any business, company or organization. It is extensible to complementary national data protection regulations and can be applied to emerging technologies. It enables applicants to reduce their risks and to demonstrate their conformity.

Holders of an EIPACC data protection certificate take pride in evidencing GDPR compliance as a source of competitive advantage for companies committed to protect personal data as per the requirements of the GDPR. It can facilitate their B2B and B2G relations in Europe, including tender actions and RFP’s from private companies.

All stakeholders (clients, users, end-users, auditors, assessors et cetera) of the EIPACC Data Protection Quality Assurance Mechanism are committed to compliance with principles and best practices as codified in the EIPACC Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics (ECCoE). If you are interested in acquiring a copy of the latest version of this, please use the form below. 


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