GDPR Assurance Statements

Building confidence in an ever changing and complex world

One of the most valuable assets in the world today is trust. But it can be one of the hardest things to achieve. In an increasingly complex world, knowing what and whom to trust – and why – can be elusive.

EIPACC is uniquely positioned to help provide comfort and confidence amidst complexity and change. We deliver comfort and confidence, and drive additional value, across a broader range of privacy and data protection areas.

When you seek GDPR assurance, EIPACC is the first place you should turn. We address complex matters of privacy, audit, assurance and certification We are continually adapting our service offerings so that you can be ready to act with confidence as expectations of stakeholders increase.

For EIPACC assurance is more than a reactive impuls. We do more than simply look at past events and performance to issue a report. We take a proactive approach, addressing the entire ecosystem of variables that decision-makers must consider. We provide value and insight that build confidence and unlock opportunity. It is one of the fundamental ways we help individuals and organizations excel with GDPR Assurance.


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Victor Alting van Geusau, Esquire

GDPR Assurance Leader


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