• Official EIPACC EU GDPR Certificate | gdprcertifications.eu
    Official EIPACC EU GDPR Certificate | gdprcertifications.eu

The European Institute for Privacy Audit, Compliance and Certification (EIPACC) accompanies larger and smaller scale companies in their yourney to GDPR Compliance and is acknowledged as ‘an important partner for GDPR Excellence’ by the European Center for Privacy Excellence.

According to paragraph 77 of the GDPR Preamble guidance on the implementation of appropriate measures and on the demonstration of compliance by the controller or the processor, especially as regards the identification of the risk related to the processing, their assessment in terms of origin, nature, likelihood and severity, and the identification of best practices to mitigate the risk, could be provided in particular by means of approved codes of conduct, approved certifications, guidelines provided by the Board or indications provided by a data protection officer.

Although EIPACC operates at the forefront of latest developments in EU certification Schemes across Europe, in absence an all encompassing exclusive GDPR certification scheme, EIPACC provides eminent services for business and companies as regards

  • Performance of GDPR Audits
  • Identification of  legal risks
  • Identification of compliance risks
  • Identification of security risks
  • Identification of financial risks
  • Identification of reputational risks
  • Issuance of exlcusive GDPR Seals based on comprehensive and reliable GDPR certification schemes (encompassing GDPR and related EU legislations, local and global privacy compliance requirements.

Next to abovementioned GDPR services, EIPACC senior members are in close contact with several Data Protection Authorities (DPA’s) across Europe either in an independent advisory position or as point of entry on behalf on clients.

At your service.

Professor drs mr Romeo F. Kadir MA MSc LLM (Adv.) LLM EMBA EMoC

President EIPACC